About Us

A Black Clothing Brand established in Chicago, IL.  Our main purpose is to restore self-determination within the community.  We are all created in his image.  With that fact of knowledge there is a God and Goddess in all of us. We bring you the latest Mens fashion and Womens fashion.  

Our company is known for its lifestyle apparel. We have you covered for all your style needs, whether it be fun, street, comfy, or sexy. Whatever your style, we’ve got something for you! Shop our store with selected pieces featuring dresses, crop-tops, V-neck t-shirts, hoodies, jackets. We provide high end men's and women's clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

We are happy to serve our community and cater to the urban and sophisticated men and women whose building a legacy with style. We offer a wide selection of clothes and accessories for men and women. We invite you to come shop with us today. Quality Clothes At Boutique Shop Prices. We've been helping men and women like the way they look. We've been able to make good on that promise thanks to the outstanding customer service each day by our dedicated employees.

Your satisfaction is the highest priority. Shop at Black Gods and Goddess find the best men’s and women’s clothing for work or for play. From party dresses to jackets and tops, we offer the latest trends and the best fits for any and every occasion. Shop with us for deals and clothing sales throughout the year too. Whether you’re looking for a hoodie or a t-shirt for a cozy night at home or an evening dress or going out sim fit polo t-shirt for a cocktail party or wedding, we’ve got your around-the-clock style covered.  

Buy the latest trends of fashion or give us a call at +(312 931 3991) to discuss all the ways we can help you upgrade your closet. Whether you’re looking for slim fit polo, dresses, hoodies, jackets, crop-tops or t-shirts, visit Black Gods and Goddess for all your any-occasion style needs.