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Why is a T-shirt called a T-shirt?

Men’s Designer Black T-shirts
This started around the Spanish War. Soldiers would wear shirts under their uniforms. The name T-shirt came from the Army due to its T shape. Our Mens Designer Black T-Shirts gives a wonderful style that many people love to wear. We use a lightweight cotton fabric that can keeps you cool during the hot days. The same goes for our goddess t-shirts. In the 1920's the word T-shirt was in the dictionary.
Transition to the 1960's people are now wearing t-shirts as way to express themshelves. In today's times you can see many catch phrases, symbols, and slogans on these t-shirts. This is another reason why people love our Black Clothing Company. The logo design we put on our T-shirts is stylish and uplifting.
T-shirts started from the military as a means to wear under their uniforms. It was a good way to keep cool during the hot days. It was also used to help with blending in with their surroundings. Pretty cool huh..... Military people liked how relaxing it felt when they carried their backpacks. The cotton material in the T-shirts gave it that feel. The same nice and relax feel our T-shirts give for both men and women.
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