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What T-Shirt is right for you?

Mens graphic designer t-shirtGoing to the store for a vacation trip to buy that special shirt. Now your stuck with the decision to find the best shirt but do not know which one to pick. The polyester or cotton shirt. Well, let’s go over the details between the two. When buying that Mens designer graphic t-shirts let’s go over the difference between these two. If you are going to a place where the weather is nice and hot. Then you will need a cotton t-shirt.

If you are going somewhere that is cool or chilly then the polyester shirt is what you would want to buy. I know we are talking about cotton shirts and polyester shirts. It is important to know what shirt to wear for the occasion of the weather. Cotton shirts are more equip for the spring and summer. Polyester shirts are more for fall and winter.

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of things. Cotton shirts wrinkle and shrink when you wash them. Which is why you always have to iron it. Once you wash the shirt cotton colors on the shirts tend to fade. Cotton shirts absorb sweat. Not so much ideal for working out because if you sweat hard then it will feel kind of heavy or feel like a wet rag.

Polyester is great for the fall and winter. Since polyester draws sweat away from the skin. This makes it great for working out. It is also wrinkle resistance so, if you hate ironing then a polyester shirt is the way to go. Most people like polyester due to it being water resistance. Polyester is man made and can be expensive. Let’s not forget that premium cotton can be expensive.

Well what about… if the shirt has both then what? Glad you asked, depending on which more of the fabric will determine which shirt you should pick. Polyester is heavier than cotton so it’s safe to say that if you get a shirt that is 50% cotton 50% polyester. It will feel heavier because of the polyester. Now, the cotton will make it soft to the skin and breathable. I will say pay attention to the percentage to determine if the shirt is the right shirt for you.

So, which shirt should I pick? Well it all depends where you are going? Especially, when buying slim fit polo t-shirts, or buy men’s t-shirts online. Always first determine the temperatures for the week wherever your going. Think about it, would it make sense to wear a 100% polyester shirt in 85 degree weather? It may be too hot for that. Cotton will be ideal for this weather. If it was 50 degrees outside then polyester would be the right choice. A cotton shirt is great for casual wear while a polyester shirt is more suitable for active wear. If you were wearing a jogging suit, or working out or playing a sport polyester is the way to go. When you make your next purchases key factors to remember, the temperature. Last,the activity you are going to be doing. We hope these notes will help you further in your next shirt selection.
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