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Real leather vs. Fake leather can you tell?

Mens leather bomber jacket

Fall season is approaching and it is about to get cold outside. You are out looking for a Womens leather jackets. Or, a Mens leather bomber jackets you are out and find the one you are looking for. Now you have a confused look and see the price but do not know if this leather jacket is real or fake. It can be confusing so this is why we are here to explain the difference between the two.

Fake leather:

Fake leather is what it says fake! No serious it is synthetic leather. First, thing you should do when buying any leather coat or jacket is to check the tag. You might say that is obvious but some people do not look at the tag if it says synthetic or polyester it is fake. Ok, so the coat or jacket does not have the tag on it now what should you do? You should feel the Womens leather jackets or Mens leather bomber jacket.

Please pay attention to this part. Fake leather will feel smooth but, will not be able to stretch. Yes, fake leather is non stretch and non flexible. It will maintain its firmness when you press into it. If it rains outside fake leather will repel the water. Last, if all else fails you can light a piece of the leather on fire. Fake leather when burned will smell like plastic or catch on fire, ouch.

Real leather:

Real leather even if it’s genuine leather is real leather. First, real leather is heavy, it comes of an animal of course. The Womens leather jackets or Mens leather bomber jackets should be flexible. The key factor is that leather is stretchy like a rubberband. Second, leather keeps you warm due to your body temperature. Now when it rains water will get into some of the jacket. When you press into the leather and it wrinkles or you see pores then that is a indicator that the leather is real. Last, if you burn a piece of the leather it will smell like burnt hair.

We hope these tips will help you to identify the difference. Between real leather and fake leather.

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