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Do people still shop at Black owned stores?

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One day I was looking at our website when I asked myself this question. I walk up and down the streets of downtown Chicago and I do not see any black owned stores. Hmmm, why are their more black owned stores in this area I asked. Especially, black clothing brands? Most of these brands are online. So…. Is this the new movement everything will be online and brick and mortar stores will be extinct.

Black clothing brands like Devonte or Black Gods and Goddess. Devonte is a shoe company that sells Italian made shoes. Black Gods and Goddess is a company that sells t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, etc. These companies are online. They have credibility, and great items.

So how come nobody shops at black owned stores? Ever since the Black Lives Matter protest only 16% of people. Spent their money at a black owned store. Some might have did it to support the protest. When George Floyd died that is when the protest began. Ever since the protest fewer people have been shopping at black owned stores.

Certain are loyal to one company. Even if the competition may have better stuff. I would urge people to black stores a try. You may find something you like.


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